Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients is a new global company jointly owned by Volac and Wilmar International Limited.

By combining Volac's expertise in ruminant and young animal nutrition and in the manufacture and distribution of renowned rumen-protected fats like Megalac® with Wilmar's expertise in the sourcing and supply of vegetable oils and raw materials, we will offer a complete range of branded feed fat products which address the needs of compound feedmills, agricultural merchants and farmers.

Product Areas

Dry Feed Fats

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Increasing the level of fat in animal diets can be done by using liquid sources of fat, such as fish or vegetable oils.

In the case of ruminant animals these liquid fat forms can cause problems in the rumen, particularly with feed digestibility, thereby reducing animal performance.

Dry feed fats typically pass through the rumen for digestion in the small intestine and not in the rumen. This is why they are also called "rumen-protected" or "bypass" fats.

By supplying energy in rumen by-pass form, fats can improve animal performance and general health, leading to increased milk production and improved fertility.

There are two major types of commercially available dry feed fats:
1) calcium soaps of fatty acids
2) hardened or hydrogenated fats.

Calcium soaps can be manufactured from any fatty acids but the most common are based on palm fatty acids. They are produced by reacting fatty acids with calcium to produce a rumen-insoluble fat-source that passes unchanged through the rumen to the small intestine for digestion.

Speciality Fats

Specialty fats can be both in solid and liquid form and are produced by refining palm oil to concentrate specific fats and fatty acids.

These specialty feed fats are targeted primarily at young animals and are used in diets as natural anti-microbial factors, designed to improve gut health and animal performance.

Specialty feed fats comprise for example C6-C8 and C8-C10, short & medium chain fatty acids, lauric acids and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).

Volac Wilmar Feed Ingredients - Global Reach

The VOLAC INGREDIENTS SDN BHD (VISB) business, based in Malaysia, provides us with production facilities close to the PGEO Group-run palm oil refineries at Pasir Gudang, enabling VISB and in turn VWFI to benefit from a secure and constant supply of quality assured palm fatty acid. You can learn more about VISB by visiting their website here: http://www.volac.com.my/

Sustainable Feed Fat Nutrition

Wilmar's Sustainability Dashboard

Volac Wilmar sources palm oil products from Wilmar who have an industry-leading "No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation" Policy. The progress of implementation of this policy can be tracked via Wilmar's Sustainability Dashboard.

The Wilmar Dashboard is a microsite dedicated to reporting on Wilmar's sustainability endeavour, in particular the implementation progress of their No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation Policy.

Some key features of the Dashboard include information on Certification Progress, Traceability & Supply Chain, as well as the Grievance Procedure.

To read more about the Dashboard and register for free access - please visit the Wilmar website by clicking here.

Please click on the link below to open our Sustainable Feed Fat Nutrition overview brochure.

Sustainable Feed Fat Nutrition - click here to open the brochure

Our Joint Venture Partners



Volac is a family-owned UK-based manufacturer of dairy nutrition products. Volac's products target three main segments; nutritional products and feeding systems for the agricultural market, whey ingredients and consumer brands for the sport, health and food markets and dairy ingredients for the food, beverage and animal nutrition industry.


Wilmar International Limited

Wilmar is Asia's leading agribusiness group, headquartered in Singapore and listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange. Wilmar's business activities include oil palm cultivation, oilseed crushing, edible oil refining, sugar milling & refining, specialty fats, oleochemicals, biodiesel & fertiliser manufacturing and grain processing.

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